segunda-feira, 23 de novembro de 2009


Interior da Basílica de São Pedro (Vaticano)

Ao fundo, vê-se o Baldaquino, uma espécie de imenso dossel, construído nas primeiras décadas do século XVII pelo grande artista Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

666 – The Devil Stalkers (novel)
For many centuries, the greatest secret of all times was kept under lock and seven keys by the cupola of the Roman Catholic Church. It was such a terrible secret that it could jeopardize mankind itself. Now the Dice of Fate were cast and the Powers of Darkness are blowing the Seeds of Evil everywhere. There is but a man who is able to stop the end of the times. Discover yourself not only this but also the password to other mysteries in the extraordinary novel written by Tim Marvim.

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