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Deguste um Trecho em Inglês!

"All through the night the deceased would stand wake by her friends and family at the cathedral, for the burial had been scheduled for the afternoon of the next day. Darkness had fallen when Jacques de Molay embraced Charles de Valois, the tearful husband, who seemed to be prostrated by the unexpected tragedy. After expressing him some words of consolation, the Temple Grandmaster went to the King of France to express him his condolences as well, for himself and in the name of all his Order. He never found him in the nave, though, and began to seek for him in the several side chapels and transepts built around Notre-Dame. He walked the Cathedral up and down for some time after him, but the French King seemed to have mysteriously vanished. Finally, Jacques de Molay heard his voice coming from a dependency of the vestry. He was talking with Guillaume de Nogaret, one of his most despicable ministers and this secret conversation gave forth the feeling that they had both searched for the isolation of that lonely chamber to conspire at will. After hearing one of them mention his own name, the Grandmaster hid behind a fluted pillar better to eavesdrop what they were scheming. The king was sitting on a wooden pew placed against the stone wall, while his minister stood before him, expectantly wringing his hands.
‘It is decided, then,’ said Nogaret. ‘We cannot lose any more time!’
‘I can’t wait to grab the Knights Templar’s treasure any longer…’ replied the king, a lascivious glint on his eyes.
‘Early in the morning,’ affirmed Nogaret, ‘I shall send a regiment of the Royal Guards to break into the Temple and confiscate all the Order’s assets!  Rest assured, my king, my friend, they will dearly pay for their crimes!’
‘Nonetheless, I demand that every last one of them be arrested!’ joined the king. ‘I want the end of that accursed brotherhood after all the evil it brought upon France!...’
Listening to those words, Jacques de Molay felt a deep pang in his heart and was preyed upon by outright despair. Losing no more time, he went for some Knights Templar who were stationed as a cavalry guard outside the Cathedral mounting their coursers.
‘Get back at once to the Temple and tell Gilles de Sens to fetch all the treasure of our Order, the books, and every document to the harbor of La Rochelle, where several of our ships are anchored,’ he commanded. ‘This iniquitous king decided to steal everything, arrest all Knights Templar, and destroy our Brotherhood. At the same time, messengers should ride to our fortresses all over Europe telling our brethren everywhere to proceed likewise. As soon as the cargo is completely placed into the ships these are to set sail from La Rochelle with the uttermost urgency!  Kill all horses from exhaustion on the several roads that might be necessary, but this evil tiding must reach every last one of our strongholds as early as possible. As soon as I can disengaged myself from the burial trappings, I’ll ride to the Temple myself to decide on the place our embarkations should take the treasure of our holy Order,’ he finished. ‘Go now! May God have mercy on us!...’"

666 – The Devil Stalkers (novel)
For many centuries, the greatest secret of all times was kept under lock and seven keys by the cupola of the Roman Catholic Church. It was such a terrible secret that it could jeopardize mankind itself. Now the Dice of Fate were cast and the Powers of Darkness are blowing the Seeds of Evil everywhere. There is but a man who is able to stop the end of the times. Discover yourself not only this but also the password to other mysteries in the extraordinary novel written by Tim Marvim.

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