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Tim Marvim´s Novel "666 - The Devil Stalkers"

Read an excerpt from the novel "666 - The Devil Stalkers". In brief, for sale on the website of Amazon

"When he finally left the restaurant after first looking through the front window to make sure his stalkers were not visible, he noticed black clouds gathering in the sky to darken the afternoon. Soon thick drops of rain started hitting the city and the lad ran toward the marquee projecting from a building to take shelter. He was planning to go and look Father Celestino up, to tell him all that he had found out. Certainly the old priest would have good advice for him and perhaps he still had some connections with important people in the Church. Suddenly he blanched for fear. Both men in black suits drove down the street in a taxi and spotted him under the marquee. Immediately they told the cabbie to stop and hurriedly disembarked from the vehicle, soaking their shoes into the poodles of water. The young man started running desperately down the avenue, for he was now sure his stalkers wanted to kill him. Running amok he bumped into several passersby and even threw a couple of them into the wet sidewalk, entangled with their broken umbrellas. Both men chased him for five blocks, until Michael tripped, fell down, and was overtaken.
          ‘Give us the briefcase!’ puffed the strongest.
          ‘We mean you no harm…’ asserted the stocky one.
          They forcefully opened the lad’s fingers from the briefcase handle, hailed another taxi, tucked themselves into it and vanished somewhere in the city streets. Michael got back to his feet, wet and breathless, noticing a warm liquid running down his right arm, doubtless some blood. He never minded that. His problem was now quite a different one. Who could those men be? Doubtlessly what they were after were the valuable books he had found. But how could they have known about their existence, the only person he had shown them to was Cardinal Lucatone… He realized the secrets he had begun to unveil were beginning to bother some high-placed people and he would be forced to remain the most attentive from then on.
          While he walked under the rain, Michael began laughing to himself. How much would he like to watch the face of his stalkers – or the physiognomy of whoever had hired them – when they opened his briefcase and found that it was filled only with hygienic paper rolls!"


666 – The Devil Stalkers (novel)
For many centuries, the greatest secret of all times was kept under lock and seven keys by the cupola of the Roman Catholic Church. It was such a terrible secret that it could jeopardize mankind itself. Now the Dice of Fate were cast and the Powers of Darkness are blowing the Seeds of Evil everywhere. There is but a man who is able to stop the end of the times. Discover yourself not only this but also the password to other mysteries in the extraordinary novel written by Tim Marvim.

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