domingo, 21 de julho de 2013

Now 666 (novel) for sale in Amazon!!!

  For many centuries, the greatest secret of all times was kept under lock and seven keys by the cupola of the Roman Catholic Church. It was such a terrible secret that it could jeopardize mankind itself. Now the Dice of Fate were cast and the Powers of Darkness are blowing the Seeds of Evil everywhere. There is but a man who is able to stop the end of the times. Discover yourself not only this but also the password to other mysteries in the extraordinary novel written by Tim Marvim.
  666 – The Devil Stalkers (novel)
  A mysterious murder in the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milano, Italy, is the starting point for this thrilling, involving plot. Accused of killing Brother Abelard, the young novice, Michael, is forced to escape from the convent so as not to be arrested by the police and ends up wrapped in a movie-like chase to escape not only from the police officers but also from the members of a sect of religious fanatics, who imagine the lad has found the place where the fabulous Templar treasure is hidden. After finding three most valuable books in the convent underground, Michael begins to investigate whatever truth could be found in those old manuscripts. To prove his innocence, he will have to unveil the greatest secret of all time, such a terrible secret that the Roman Catholic Church has been keeping it bolted under lock and key for almost one thousand years. After deciphering several clues hidden by the Knights Templar in the “Seven Towers of the Devil”, Michel founds out in horror that it is not only his life that is in danger, but that the fate of all mankind lies in jeopardy.
  A modern, dynamic book, chockfull of mysteries, exotic locations, and wondrous, unpredictable moves, this most recent novel by Tim Marvim casts an original viewpoint on the eternally mentioned “Number of the Beast”, into an admixture of apocalyptic forecasts and Nostradamus’ prophecies with the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ, including hints to credit cards, numerology, and bar codes. An exciting book that will certainly enchant every reader fond of adventures and enigmas.
Be careful when you open the pages of this book! You might be one of them!
  Find the greatest secret of all times in the extraordinary Tim Marvim novel, where nothing is what it appears to be on first sight…

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